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The therapist massage relieved all my back aches and tension from breastfeeding.

Linda, Punggol

Welcome to Origins Jamu Massage

Discover the Ancient Secrets of Jamu Postnatal Massage in the comfort of your home.

We specialise in Jamu Postnatal Rejuvenating Massage for mums afterbirth. Using traditional massage techniques incorporating of lactation service and using of Hot Stone Compressed for detoxification, it is equivalent of a good home spa.

To offer a comprehensive service, we provide complimentary baby massage classes, valuable tips and advices as part of our dedication to you. Read more. 

Origins Jamu Massage Packages


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At Origins Jamu Massage we have various of packages to help you heal and ease the pain from your body. Click on any of the packages below to understand more of our services.
1) TCM Meridian Massage
2) Traditional Massage Packages
3) Classic Jamu Postnatal Massage Package  (Jamu Postnatal Massage)
4) Royal Postnatal Massage Package  (Jamu Postnatal Massage + TCM Meridian Massage )

All packages comes with extra bonus. Read more.

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